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2023 Memorial Monument for Children of IRS Journey

Journey - June 16- 21, 2023

Stanley C Hunt, Kwakiutl Master Carver, has finished a 18 Foot Memorial Monument for Children of IRS. The journey from Port Hardy, BC to Vancouver, BC will begin on June 16th.

Please join us to honor & uplift the spirit of the children who didn’t make it home from Residential School and all the families affected by residential school.

  • June 16 – Carrot Park - Port Hardy, BC – 10 am
  • June 17 – Thunderbird Hall - Campbell River, BC 10 am
  • June 18 – Site to Be Determined – Port Alberni, BC 10 am
  • June 19 – Nanaimo, BC 10 am
  • June 19 – Duncan, BC 2pm
  • June 20 – Inner Harbour, Victoria, BC 10 am
  • June 21 – Inner Harbour, Vancouver, BC 4 pm

The Monument is meant to:

  1. Ensure that we uplift the history of the residential school survivors
  2. Honor the spirit of the children who went missing or were murdered
  3. Honor the families and acknowledge the journey of losing a child and the pain and suffering that this trauma has inflicted
  4. To raise awareness to the true history of Canada, the Northwest Mounted Police, the RCMP and the Church’s
  5. To provide awareness and history to Canadians and those who participate in this journey, visit the monument on site or are a part of this journey in anyway.
  6. Record the many survivors, families, Canadians, and participants in a historical record through, video, media, and the opportunity to sign or send a message in a guest book along the journey of the Monument.

How Can you Participate:

Attend the ceremony in your community, volunteer at the event, wear your regalia the event or wear a orange shirt. Share this information with your network.

For More information contact:
Dorothy Hunt 250-812-6125
Leslie Dickie

Additional Resources

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